What's The Song In The Absolut Nights Ad? Check Out This New Tune By A Certain Well-Costumed EDM Duo — VIDEO

As tried and true a formula as it is, every now and again, sipping a Natty Light at a casual backyard barbecue doesn't quiiiiite cut the mustard (all this BBQ and mustard talk has me craving hot dogs [googles hot dog delivery in Los Angeles, is overwhelmed by all of the wonderfully mediocre options, closes browser before any life-altering choices can be made]). I'm not trying to fire shots at the reduced-calorie pilsner or chill get-togethers, but sometimes, the heart is looking for something else. Sometimes, the heart wants something a little more epic. Something a little more butterfly-wings-made-out-of-a-vodka-bottle-esque. Sometimes, the heart wants to go HAM in not one, but four cities, and anything less will not do. Absolut Vodka gets it. In a new ad campaign, the Swedish vodka brand brings the party to Johannesburg, Brooklyn, São Paulo, and Berlin. But that’s not all the commercial brings: The “Absolut Nights” ad debuts Empire of the Sun track “Welcome to My Life”.

"Welcome to My Life" does not appear on either of Empire of the Sun's full-length studio albums (like I said, it makes its debut in this commercial), but you can listen to the full-length version of the Australian electronic dance music duo/elaborate headdress-wearing duo's brand new track in the "Absolut Nights" short film:

Image: Absolut/YouTube