7 Times Lust > Love

Sometimes I think finding, and falling, in true lust is harder than finding, and falling, in true love. But, can lust turn into love? Before you deem me insane, hear me out: Lust can spring from love. Or more so, love can fuel lust. When you get to know someone, and connect with someone, your attraction and chemistry inevitably builds. Especially for women, this is just the way we're built.

But that feeling of unstoppable attraction — that pull towards someone you physically can't control even if you want to, regardless if it's someone you even know very well. It doesn't matter, and what's more, you don't even care. You just know you need them. That way. And will do anything to maintain the high you feel when you get it.

That feeling is true lust. It's rare, heady and difficult to sustain. And just like love, timing is everything. True lust thrives when both parties are on the same page. No easy feat, as like love, someone can — and will — often fall harder in one direction.

So when you do find it, hold onto it. It likely appeared in your life for a reason, and more often than not, can be just what you need... Particularly, if you're currently in one of the following seven scenarios.

1. When you're fresh out of a breakup

This is number one with a bullet. Like someone very smart once said, there's no better way to get over someone, than by getting under someone.

2. When you're in a "doing me" period

This should really be all the time, but there are those specific instances when you're just into helping yourself. No relationships. No needy friends. It's time to kick you and YOU only into high gear. And this should also include some no frills sex.

3. When you need to feel great about yourself

Having a bad day? We bet a healthy romp will help with that. Being in lust is like downing a good mood pill every day, only this good mood pill has a side effect you actually want: orgasms.

4. When you're on vacation

There's nothing like summer lovin'. Maybe it's because you're in vacation mode and you know your time together is limited, but either way, there's something magical about passionate vacation romances and summer flings.

5. When you want to fall in love

This may seem like the opposite effect, but there's a reason we tend to find that special someone when we claim "we don't want a relationship, we just want to have sex." Plus, all the sex will have you oozing confidence, and nothing attracts a mate more than that.

6. When you want to, um, have sex

Can you say no brainer?

7. When you want to test out some new moves

Imagine a lust relationship as your test kitchen. A place where you can sample all the new recipes, sans judgement, before adding them to your -- well, let's just call it a "playbook" in this regard.

Plus, as we all know, practice makes perfect!

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