11 Grilled Fruit Recipes To Give Your Barbecue A Sweet, Unexpected Twist

If you thought your grill was only made to cook burgers and hot dogs to perfection, think again. Grilled fruit recipes are the summer dishes that you've been missing in your life. Whether you prepare it savory or sweet, nature's candy is guaranteed to get an extra boost from a little time on the grill.

Desserts, appetizers, and even main courses become all the more enticing with the addition of grilled peaches, figs, and more. Who knew that this kitchen appliance could make fruit even better? These 11 recipes will get you started on a sweet grilling kick. Your summer barbecue just got juicier.

Image: Savory Sweet Life

Grilled Peaches With Vanilla Bourbon Whipped Cream

Vanilla bourbon whipped cream transforms The Kitchn’s basic grilled peaches into a positively gourmet adult dessert.

Image: The Kitchen

Grilled Peach And Halloumi Salad

Salty halloumi cheese perfectly complements crisp arugula and juicy peaches in A Cozy Kitchen’s salad.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Hawaiian Burgers With Grilled Pineapple

With a fruity kick thanks to grilled pineapple, The Kitchn’s Hawaiian-inspired burger is by far one of the best burger recipes to help you start off the summer right.

Image: The Kitchn

Grilled Peach And Walnut Crumble

Peach crumble is a classic summer dish, and Love and Lemons makes it even more delectable by letting peaches get extra sweet with some time on the grill.

Image: Love and Lemons

Grilled Banana Ice Cream Sundae

Your ice cream sundae is about to get better than ever, thanks to Damn Delicious’ clever grilling idea.

Image: Damn Delicious

Grilled Fig And Arugula Salad

The secret to A Cozy Kitchen’s perfectly irresistible grilled figs: a sprinkle of brown sugar and a touch of salt.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Grilled Peach And Halloumi Skewers With Basil-Jalapeño Sauce

A green sauce makes Naturally Ella’s fruity kebobs an unexpectedly spicy treat.

Image: Naturally Ella

Banana Boats

These chocolately treats from Lick My Spoon can be made on your grill or even a campfire, if you’re feeling adventurous. Making this recipe should be on your summer bucket list for sure.

Image: Lick My Spoon

Grilled Peach Salad And Mint Pesto

Mint pesto made with pine nuts and basil makes the perfect complement for Love and Lemons’ grilled peach salad.

Image: Love and Lemons

Grilled Figs With Balsamic Glaze And Goat Cheese

These are figs like you’ve never seen them before. Against All Grain pairs this fruit with savory accents for a five-star appetizer.

Image: Against All Grain

Grilled Peaches With Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta and fruit are a match made in heaven. You simply can’t go wrong with Savory Sweet Life’s grilled peach variation.

Image: Savory Sweet Life