Gap Revamps Its Logo With Artists Around the World

by Julia Guerra

We all recognize Gap for its preppy style, comfortable fit and its legendary navy and white logo. But, brands will be brands, and once in awhile they switch it up on us; this time Gap revamped its signature logo with the help of 11 artists from around the world. By combining each artists’ distinct style with the classic Gap trademark, the American retailer launched an exclusive collection of graphic tees which creatively display the brand‘s diverse background.

GAP posted a video to Instagram Thursday to announce the completion of its project. The video gives a brief description of what the collaboration entails and provides followers with a slideshow of the t-shirts to be featured in the line.

I was very inspired by the brand’s excitement to not only celebrate its clothing, but to also show its appreciation toward the heritage of those who wear the Gap label. Fashion is art, and art is all about the abstract, the unknown, and taking pieces from our histories and creating something modern. By teaming up with people from Chicago to London and San Francisco to Taipei, this collaboration created something bigger than the material we wear on our backs. It created art in a unique form.

Take a look at the graphic tees created during the #GapRemixProject and really take the time to appreciate the incredible craftsmanship and diverse backgrounds of each artist.

1. Loic Lavenu - Paris, France

2. Pose - Chicago, Illinois

3. Chocomoo - Tokyo, Japan

4. Maud Vantours - Paris, France

5. Quentin Jones - London, England

6. Neville Brody - London, England

7. Jessica Hische - San Francisco, California

8. Kyle Pierce - San Francisco, California

9. Fantasista Utamaro - Tokyo, Japan

10. No. 223 - Beijing, Japan

11. Candy Bird - Taipei, Taiwan

Art at its finest.

Images: Screenshots (11)