How Would Tom Hiddleston Celebrate Memorial Day? Here's How To Party Like Loki

You know what Monday, May 25 is? Not only is it the day after my birthday (I will still be accepting presents), but it is Memorial Day, aka the holiday that basically kicks off summer and gives most people a glorious three-day weekend. Also, and most importantly, it is a day to remember those who fought and continue to fight for our country. With that said, people who take part in the holiday weekend are always looking for the best way to enjoy it, and I have the solution. He might be from England, but there's no doubt that actor Tom Hiddleston knows how celebrate Memorial Day. I mean, it's pretty obvious that Loki knows how to party.

Who better to get ideas from than Mr. Tom Hiddleston? He dances. He likes to have fun. He knows how to wear a costume. He can charm anyone into having a good time. If that doesn't say "Happy Memorial Day," I don't know what does. Plus, when it comes to a holiday party, you know Loki is going to have some fantastic (maybe even dangerous, but whatevs) ideas.

So, here are a few ways you can celebrate Memorial Day Tom Hiddleston-style. You're welcome.

Planning Is Important

First, and foremost, it's all about planning. It might take a little bit of deception and debauchery, but planning like a villain means you will have one successful Memorial Day.

Your Wardrobe Matters

Attire is key. Basically, dress like villainous Tom or in red, white, and blue, and you're good to go.

Don't Beat Yourself Up

Memorial Day fun isn't easy, so just work hard, think like Loki, and you'll have a celebratory day.

Take Lots Of Pictures

Every holiday and party needs to be documented. Also, make sure the flash is on for the best photos possible.

Dance, Dance, Dance

A holiday isn't a holiday until there's dancing.

Compliments Will Get You Far

If you're hosting or attending a Memorial Day party, make sure you hand out a lot of compliments. Being nice will get you far — and possibly the title of "Best Memorial Day Party Ever."

Partake In A Beverage... Or 10

Whether you like coffee, tea, water, beer, wine, or liquor, make sure you enjoy your favorite beverage during the holiday weekend. You know why? Because Tom would want you to.

Don't Forget Family & Friends

Lastly, celebrate with family and friends, because you know they'll be there to make you laugh, feed you well, and help you clean up if you're playing host.

Images: hiddlesgif (6), belyaevap, inspired-by-hiddles/Tumblr