Amy Schumer To Write & Star In FOX Comedy, Because There's No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Schumer

If you're a huge fan of Inside Amy Schumer, or just plain love the quirky feminist comedian, then you're about to become very excited. Amy Schumer will write and star in a FOX comedy (the news of which comes before her upcoming project Trainwreck has even been released). I don't know if you woke up this morning clutching a rabbit's foot or what, but this appears to be your lucky day. And my lucky day. And our lucky day, because this is the best news ever. The Wrap broke the story on Friday, so we're pretty short on the plot details as of yet. However, what we do know is that it will be a comedy — duh — and will air on Fox, a network that just gained about a thousand cool points in my book for being smart enough to snap this up.

Thus far, the project is untitled, but Schumer will be the co-writer, alongside her sister Kimberly Caramele, who is herself a writer and producer. The sisters were hired to put forth a script in their own voice, based on a first draft by Katie Dippold. Dippold wrote The Heat, and will stay on with this project in the capacity of Executive Producer.

In addition to Dippold and Schumer, the crew couldn't be more stacked, with Paul Feig and Jessie Henderson set up to produce the film. Feig is best known as the director of The Heat and of Bridesmaids, and as the director of The Heat, while Henderson was a co-producer on The Heat and an executive producer on the all-female version of Ghostbusters.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that if you aren't already peeing your pants in excitement over this, you're out of your mind. Cannot wait.

Image: Rebloggy