Here's How To Read Hillary Clinton's Emails

by Melissah Yang

After months and months of anticipation, the first batch of emails from Hillary Clinton's private server is now available to read. Of the 30,000 emails Clinton handed in to the U.S. State Department, 296 emails have been released. They span 850 pages and cover some correspondence related to the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans, including ambassador Christopher Stevens, dead. Here's how you can read Hillary Clinton's emails and get your first look at seeing what all the uproar is about.

The emails released Friday revealed Clinton received sensitive information regarding Benghazi via her private server, though that information was not classified at the time. The few emails in question showed Clinton and other officials' concerns over Libya's political climate prior to the attack. Clinton, who was then secretary of state, has long been criticized for her role. She faces a House hearing on whether or not her office had received information that could have prevented the attack, but that probe has been delayed awaiting the full release of her emails. Benghazi, along with other controversies and accusations of secrecy, is one of the biggest obstacles facing Clinton's presidential campaign.

The State Department tweeted the released emails did not affect information that was already revealed in the original Benghazi investigation.

The emails we release today do not change the essential facts or our understanding of the events before, during, or after the attacks.

You can read Clinton's emails here on FOIA's database, but FYI the website is very slow. Check out The Wall Street Journal's live updates page for more information on what the first group of emails show.