How Many Hillary Clinton Emails Have Been Released So Far? It's Only The First Round

With all the debate over use of a personal email during her time as secretary of state and the investigation into the handling of the attacks in Benghazi, the State Department has released the first round of emails from the 2016 presidential hopeful. And exactly how many Hillary Clinton emails have been released? Nearly 300, which make up approximately 850 pages.

Clinton turned over about 30,000 emails to the department after she was heavily criticized for using a personal instead of a government email. Because her emails were sent from a private server, they could not be accessed or archived by others, which drew intense scrutiny from critics who called for the emails to be publicly released. And though the State Department did release 296 emails in the first of what is sure to be several rounds of publication, the department said these specific emails do not necessarily provide a new look at the way she handled the situation in Benghazi that left four Americans dead, including Christopher Stevens, the U.S. Ambassador to Libya. The State Department tweeted Friday:

The emails we release today do not change the essential facts or our understanding of the events before, during, or after the attacks.