17 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Changed Their Last Names

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Sure, I know that a lot of my favorite celebrities use stage names, because that's unfortunately just (forgive the pun) the name of the game. The Hollywood bigheads might shy away from names that might be too hard to pronounce, too long, or that may be deemed too "difficult" for the general public, whatever that means. In some cases, there is already another actor or famous scientist who has made the name known, so aspiring celebrities have to tweak theirs a bit. And sometimes, this means just changing their last name, rather than switching up their first.

So, without further adieu, here are 17 celebrities who kept their first names, but decided to change their last names for that extra "star quality." Many of these might come as a shock, so bravo to these celebs for picking a name that embodies their stage persona so well.

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