Largest Lush Store In The World Just Opened, So Prepare Your Emotions For A Wild Ride

Picture this: you’re just walking down the street or in the mall minding your own business one minute, and the next you’re following a whiff of the sweetest scent you ever smelled and into a wonderland of bath bombs, glitter, and shower smoothies. Now, just imagine 9,500 square feet of that because the largest Lush store in the world is now open on London’s Oxford Street, according to Refinery 29. London-dwellers, you're about to become intoxicated with the delicious smells that could easily convince you that you need at least 23 new bath bombs despite the fact that your apartment only has a tiny shower.

Lush’s London flagship store has been over a year in the making and, I repeat, is the largest in the world. THE LARGEST IN THE WORLD. That means it's basically Willy Wonka factory of Lush goodies. It consists of three floors of massage bars and bath bombs, over 200 new products created exclusively for the Oxford Street store, an in-house luxury spa, a “Hair Lab” full of Lush’s famous cruelty-free shampoos and 20-minute head massage services, and the “Gorilla Gallery,” where artisanal perfume is transformed into a conceptual art installation.

It sounds like complete sensory overload. Pretty sure I’d end up curled up in a ball, crying about how I won't be able to try every single bath bomb in my lifetime, should I pay this new location a visit. And I desperately want to experience that.

“This is the largest in the world at the moment, but it’s not the largest we’ll ever have,” Lush’s co-founder Rowena Bird said, according to Lucky Shops. “How big is ‘big’? You just don’t know, do you?” he said.

If you've ever followed your nose into a Lush store before, you know it’s a magical, often overwhelming experience, full of as many emotions as there are scents. Check out some of the stages of shopping at Lush below, and if you’re ever lucky enough to find yourself on Oxford Street standing at the precipice of the biggest Lush store in the world, expect them to hit about a billion times harder.

Stage One: It Begins


The jasmine scent of the famous Sex Bomb hits you from three blocks away and suddenly you’re following your nose to the source. Your brain says "no," but your nose says "ohhh, yesss!"

Stage Two: Denial


“I’ll just go in for a second,” you say. “I just want to smell all the pretty things.” You got this.

Stage Three: The Meltdown



Stage Four: The Salesperson


She’s slightly aggressive, but with the world’s most comforting voice, a soothing hand massage you didn’t even ask for (how did this happen?), and the fact that she keeps shoving tiny black pots of sweet-smelling moisturizers underneath your nose. You can’t think straight and you’re suddenly under her spell. “This will cure my acne, dry skin, and any chronic illness in the world? You don’t say!”

Stage Five: And Now You’re Poor


It all happened so fast. How are you leaving with 17 bags and no money in your wallet? And why are you smiling about it?!

Stage Six: Looking on the Bright Side


You may not be able to pay your rent, but at least you’ll be the world’s best smelling broke person.


Images: lushcosmetics/Instagram, Giphy (7)