A Woman Being Walked On A Leash Through A Mall Has Caused An Uproar On The Internet — VIDEO

In the last few days, visitors to the New Springville neighborhood in Staten Island have been treated to the sight of a woman being walked on a leash around a mall by her male companion. Photos on Twitter and Instagram show the woman wearing a spiked collar and sitting on the ground, and captions to these social media posts also say that she was barking. Responses to the photos have been mixed; some people seem to be weirded out by the display, while others’ reaction is, basically, “Meh. It’s Staten Island.”

There’s no word yet on what is actually going on with this couple, whether this is simply part of a BDSM roleplay between them or...I mean, I don't know what else it could be. The woman seems to be participating freely with the leash walking, though one Instagram poster suggests in response to a video of her drinking from a public fountain that “She really needs help.”

Apparently, this isn’t the first time that the couple has been to the mall. A Zumiez clothing store employee told the New York Daily News, “They’re here all the time. They’re normal people.” A Hot Topic clerk also explained, “This is the only time I’ve seen the girl with a leash on like that. She shops here about once a month. She’s a nice customer.” According to SILive, the couple complied when management asked them to leave the mall.

Instagram photos show the couple hanging out at the mall and even posing for pictures.

Video shows the woman dunking her head in a fountain (presumably so that she can drink like a dog).

Comments on articles about the couple show that people are split between being offended by the display, worried about the woman’s mental health, and unconcerned by what they see as typical Staten Island strangeness. Some argue that her being walked on a leash is degrading in itself. My general feeling is that as long as the role-play is consensual (which it does appear to be), then people can do what they want. Although there certainly is a demeaning aspect to someone being walked on a leash and treated like a dog, for many involved in BDSM and other kink communities, that is entirely the point. And, if the display is simply a bid for attention, well, it seems to have worked, right?

Image: o_lypa/Fotolia