Yes, K. Stew Actually Smiles

by Jaclyn Anglis

Kristen Stewart has a reputation for not smiling. In nearly every photo you see of her, whether she is on the red carpet for a Hollywood event or just walking around minding her own business, chances are that she is wearing a sullen expression. And people just love to tear into her for it. But Stewart has famously not cared about the hate she gets for that. And why should she? Kristen Stewart has, in fact, smiled quite a bit during her many years in Hollywood — to people that she thinks deserve to see her smile, of course.

But just because she does smile from time to time, that does not mean she has to in every photo she takes. After all, ideally, smiles should be reserved for times when one is actually having fun and enjoying oneself, and the actress has proven as much in her appearances over the years. Though some may disagree with her stance of not smiling for scheduled events or when she is out and about, at least you know that when she does smile, it is genuine and she is not forcing it just for show. Don't expect that to change, and props to her for staying true to herself! Here is a round up of times that Kristen Stewart did smile, because she does have more than just that one expression, and this proves it.

Conan O'Brien Interview

Who can blame her, really? O'Brien is quite a friendly and charming fellow.

When She Grabbed Iced Coffee

Can you think of a better reason to smile, though? Iced coffee is amazing.

Jimmy Fallon Interview

Not only does she seem genuinely happy to chat with Fallon, she also looks super excited for her Elle magazine cover! As she should be.

When She Met Katy Perry

Do they look stylin' or what on this red carpet?

Live! With Kelly And Michael

Stewart was so pumped to be on the show, she even gave a few friendly high fives to some lucky fans on her walk in to the studio. How exciting!

Chanel Event

At a Chanel event in Los Angeles, the actress was all smiles while snapping selfies with a few young fans of hers. Adorable!

David Letterman Interview

What a big moment for her! Letterman doesn't ask just anyone to be on his show, after all.

When She Met Taylor Swift

Maybe she'll be the next addition to Swift's posse of star BFFs? I can only hope.

When She Rocked A New Hairstyle

And why not smile? She looks awesome!