Paul Giamatti Joins 'Downton Abbey' — What Does This Mean for the Series?

A spoiler for Season 4 of Downton Abbey, by way of it airing three months earlier in the U.K.: Paul Giamatti will appear in the finale of the fourth season as Cora's brother, Harold Levinson, who holds the other half of the fortune from her father and is described as a "playboy."

So what does this mean for the show? Well, the good news is that the Dowager Countess will be throwing so much shade towards Cora's brother. An American and a playboy? I can see the Maggie Smith bitchface already.

More importantly for the plot, however, is that the arrival of Cora's rich brother probably means that Lord Grantham has gotten himself in debt again and needs Harold's fortune to bail out Downton. Jesus Robert, you couldn't listen to any of Matthew's advice? You could've at least just done it to honor his memory!

And of course, this is Downton Abbey, so there's got to be some sort of scandalous romance on the way — after all, Harold is a playboy. Do we have another class-crossing romance on the way? Or just another scandal that will make the Grantham household the subject of gossip in the village? A representative for Masterpiece theatre said that Harold will "upset the Grantham's apple cart" — they don't mean literal apples, right? Because I feel like that could possibly happen. Maybe he just wears loafers to dinner? Good heavens, what a scandal!