NYFW Is Still Searching For A Sponsor

When I think of New York Fashion Week, one of the first things that comes to mind is exclusivity and how hard it is to get into one of the shows. For this reason, I was surprised to learn that because Mercedes-Benz ended their partnership with NYFW, IMG is currently struggling to find a replacement sponsor. Mercedes-Benz has been partnered with NYFW since 2009, so it seems a little odd to think that other companies aren’t jumping on this opportunity.

Cadillac has had their eyes on NYFW for years, but it turns out they are looking out for, “individual designers who are at the cutting edge or in the process of reinvention,” according to Cadillac’s director of brand and reputation strategy, Melody Lee. What does that mean? It means automotive companies are looking for budding fashion designers who have yet to be discovered and are currently on the rise for their big moment. And because NYFW is all about the big dogs in fashion, automotive companies like Cadillac have shifted their eyes onto events like the Lexus-sponsored Made Fashion Week. At those events, the focus is more heavily concentrated upon more underground designers that are making their way to their limelights.

Lauren Sherman, the editor-at-large of Fashionista, has had experience in covering NYFW for over a decade and she brought up a good point saying that the location of the event seems to be a big issue. She described it being, “cold and unwelcoming.” So NYFW, it looks like you’re going to have to look for a new location on top of looking for a new partnership. Still, I don't think they'll suffer in popularity or attendance. It is New York Fashion Week, after all, folks.

Image: jasonwu/Instagram