Brooke Shields Owns 1,200 Blowdryers & Other Surprising FIT Commencement Speech Moments

Yesterday, Brooke Shields stood in front of FIT’s graduating class of 2015 and revealed she owned 1,200 blowdryers. This confession was part of Brooke Shields’ FIT commencement speech, which NYmag has a full transcript of. In true collegiate spirit, I summarized Shields’ speech below (hairdryer moment included) and seriously, her advice applies to you, me, and anybody else out there existing and striving for general awesomeness. During the speech, Shields’ laid out her “Four to Score” life strategy: embracing fear, respecting lineage, building expectations, and honing work ethic. The first letters of each word spell out the acronym “FLEW,” which is totally useful because otherwise I definitely would forget them the second a diploma hit my hands. The actress talked “FLEW” in order, with lessons about trusting your vision despite fears and self-doubts, as well as respecting your core passions. She elaborated on exactly what is meant by lineage, sharing: “When I say lineage, I don’t mean heritage. I mean paying attention to the lineage of your creativity … We all possess instincts — others will try to convince you that theirs are much more correct than your own. Hold on to your own. There will be compromises, but that’s not one of them.” This is where hairdryers come in. Shields recalled a moment where she derailed a bit from her creative gut in agreeing to a Brooke Shields Hairdryers endorsement. She laughed when thinking about the 1,200 left in her garage, “Ebay! collectors items at this point.”


Concluding with expectations and work ethic, Shields pointed how success “comes in a myriad of packages” and urges us to all find ways to work creatively even when discouraged. “Be resourceful, and be determined … no job is too small, and it will only add to your mythology.” Ugh, love that.

Her entire speech is witty, honest, and encouraging without sounding sugary and fake. It’s absolutely worth taking the time to read, and will give you a fresh perspective on timeless pieces of advice. And hey, all you recent (or soon-to-be) grads out there, congrats!

Image Credit: Giphy