Nicki Minaj's "The Night Is Still Young" Outfits Ranked, From Safety Gear To Great Achievements In Double-Stick Tape

Go ahead and judge me, world. After the music video for Nicki Minaj's "The Night Is Still Young" dropped exclusively on Tidal yesterday, I signed up for Jay Z's music streaming service (it's work-related, guys! that makes it OK!). Having finally sipped Hova's kool aid and forked over my credit card information, I can report that Nicki Minaj's "The Night Is Still Young" music video outfits are shining examples of the freakum dress. More freakum dress than your puny corporate casual mind can handle.

With it's upbeat instrumentals, relative lack of profanity, and lyrical zeal for getting turnt, "The Night Is Still Young" easily fills the spot of obligatory top-40-friendly banger on The Pinkprint. The video follows a brood of club kids as they feed each other sushi in lofts, run through city streets, and marvel at a ginormous moon that should really excite more concern than it does. The Queen Barbz provides the Greek Chorus to their night while wearing a series of dresses, skirts, and various other kinds of going-out regalia that play up her famous assets. There's latex! There are rhinestones! There's a hat that she jacks from an unspecified location! Cause YOLO, right?!

Because the hip hop empress is nothing if not a YOLO-dresser, I'm ranking everything she wears in her latest music vid.

5. This motorcycle-friendly ensemble

This is easily Minaj's most conventional outfit in the entire video. That's not to say that it's not fun and funky like Onika herself, but it just pales in comparison to the rest of them. At least she's wearing a helmet though!

4. This latex skirt/ bra combo

I'm always happy to see Nicki with light pink hair, and I'm even happier to see her coordinating her outfit to match it. High marks in most categories for this look, although it's technically only half of an outfit, because she's not wearing a shirt.

3. Wardrobe malfunction-defying halter dress

Underneath this neckline lies the work of the Leonardo Da Vinci of double-stick tape. Kudos to that decency artist for somehow making this contraption work.

2. This rhinestone-embellished body film

Who wears a totally sheer dress bedazzled with pink sparkles and a pair of sequin go-go boots? A girl who legitimately gives ZERO effs.

1. Rhinestone-embellished body film w/ hat

A knit-cap may not be a Fashion Police-friendly accessory with which to pair the aforementioned body film, but it perfectly embodies Nicki's oh-so-special DGAF attitude— the kind of attitude of someone who's always looking for free stuff that drunk people left behind. Respect.

Image: Tidal (6)