Transgender People Answer Ridiculous Questions

Despite growing visibility and acceptance in the media and in society at large, trans people are constantly asked rude, tactless questions. Often, people with better intentions than information (or common sense) treat trans people as curiosities, existing only to amuse, inform, or excite cisgender individuals. Questions one would never in a million years ask a cisgender person (because it would be recognized as rude and undignified) are tossed in the direction of trans people as a matter of course. "Things Not to Say to a Trans Person" from BBC Three asks some of the most common of these questions to a panel of trans people, who are patient, generous (and funny!) enough to answer.

"But how will I learn things if I don't ask people?!" you may whine. "You just can't say anything to anyone these days without offending!" Really? You've never heard of Google? Internet forums? I mean, there are seriously a number of trans AMAs happy to take your questions. Or, if the internet is just too convenient for you, maybe pick up a book on the subject (there are lots and lots). But also keep in mind that you are owed nothing: Another person's dignity and humanity are more important than your curiosity. Nobody has to explain themselves, any aspect of themselves or their lives, to you. Understand that the world is built around your comfort levels and by asking deeply personal, probing questions like the ones highlighted in this video, you are merely asserting that you feel entitled to do so as a result of the status quo. That doesn't automatically make you a bad person, but it demonstrates the importance of dismantling a status quo that places the burden of education on those whom we have deemed "other" because it is easier than educating ourselves.

The panelists answer all questions with grace, class, intelligence, humor, and in the case of this woman, all the sass:

(I am asking her, here and now, to be my best friend because she wins everything.)

Enjoy the full video below

Images: YouTube (2)