Guess Which House From 'Mean Girls' Is For Sale

by Emma Cueto

Good news, Mean Girls fans! The Regina George mansion from Mean Girls is for sale, and could be yours! That is, if you have a spare $15 million dollars lying around that you're interested in spending on Canadian real estate. But really, $15 million is a steal to own a piece of iconic cinematic history, right?

In Mean Girls, Regina George's house was a bizarre wonderland of wealth, slam books, yappy dogs, and Amy Poehler pretending to be a "cool mom," but in real life, the house whose exterior was used for filming is in Toronto rather than suburban Illinois and is sadly lacking in either Amy Poehler or Rachel McAdams (who of course played Regina George).

However, according to Sotheby's International, which is listing the property, the mansion has plenty of other things to recommend it. It's 20,000 square feet, and located on a private two acre lot. And inside, it is every bit as glorious as Mean Girls made it seem.

According to the listing, the house includes a "[two] storey grand entrance graced with Italian marble and coffered ceilings [which] leads to a sweeping Scarlett O’Hara staircase and Juliette balcony overlooking the 20 foot cathedral ceiling in the great room." The kitchen has quartz countertops and Wolf appliances. The terrace has French doors and killer views. There's a master bedroom and four other bedrooms in a separate bedroom wing. There are 12 bathrooms. The ground floor includes an "entertainment room, wine cellar and wet bar, spa and separate living space for nanny or staff quarters." And the grounds have a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a six car garage. Plus a statue and fountain in the front drive. And that's not even all of the perks.

Basically, Regina George really was living in the lap of luxury. And for the right price, so could you.

The house is listed for $14.8 million, meaning Regina George's family probably was exactly as loaded as they seemed — though such a mansion would probably be less expensive in the suburbs than in a major city like Toronto. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say that anything that includes a wine cellar and 12 bathrooms doesn't go cheap.

Tragically, the listing in Sotheby's doesn't make any mention of the house's cinematic significance. Maybe they don't think that hoity-toity millionaires will think that being featured in a classic teen film will be a selling point? Still, I do hope that the house will go to someone who appreciates just how lucky they are to be living in a place where Amy Poehler once lived and breathed and served drinks in a pink track suit.

But then, I suppose that the house going to someone who doesn't even know who Regina George is would serve her right.

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