Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, & Hailey Baldwin Are On One Fashionable Vacation

The models who pose together, play together! Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Baldwin went on vacation together and they've been posting lots of photos of each other hanging out seaside, dancing around, and generally acting silly, taking to Instagram to show their followers just what they've been up to this fine Memorial Day weekend.

The three made an afternoon getaway and staged an impromptu photo shoot as they posed in bikinis on a yacht together and filmed a cute, quirky video. The off-duty models looked like they were having fun on their girls day away, but the laid back, beach side fashion is what really makes these photos enviable. Why didn't they invite me?

According to PopSugar, the ladies made their way to Monaco together after the Cannes Film Festival wrapped up, where they split up for a few fashionable events before reuniting again. They swapped gowns for bikinis and oversized hoodies, but still managed to look just as flawless as they sailed around, surrounded by beautiful views in the background. Each of these stylish BFFs stayed true to themselves, fashion-wise, with Jenner sporting a fun and flirty crop top and Hadid wearing a bohemian, loose-fitting shirt.

Check out some of the most stylish snaps from Jenner, Hadid, and Baldwin's ultra-glamorous vacation.

High flying style

The ladies looked stunning as they all showed off their favorite sunnies.

Model-worthy candids

They let their hair down and snapped some Polaroids throughout the getaway.

On-sea photo shoot

The off-duty models still found time to pose for the camera while on a break from working. Old habits die hard, I guess!

Image: bellahadid/Instagram