Pink Helmet Posse Proves Skateboarding Isn't Just For Boys, And These Little Girls Are Seriously My Heroes

For anyone who thinks girls can’t skateboard as well as boys, a group called the Pink Helmet Posse is here to prove you wrong. The California-based bunch of young females loves skateboarding so much, they’ve taken it upon themselves to teach other little girls how to safely try the sport too.

According to their official site, the group is headed by three young skateboard prodigies: 8-year-old Reize, who enjoys music and jiu jitsu in addition to skating; 8-year-old Bella, who says she never goes anywhere without her skate or surfboards; and 6-year-old Ryann, who says her dad began bringing her to the skateboard park when she was 5.

Their joint goal? To inspire “other girls to come out and join the fun.” The group helps girls from the ages 1 to 15 find the right quality products (from the actual skateboards to pads, helmets, etc.) to get started. In addition to setting them up with proper equipment, Pink Helmet Posse also provides safety-conscious tips and videos on how kids can properly protect themselves while skateboarding. All the while, they’re also spreading the message that girls can skate like pros too. Talk about girl power!

In case you need further proof that this group of mini entrepreneurs knows exactly what they’re doing, all you have to do is check out their Instagram account. It’s chockful of pictures of the group’s three leaders, as well as other young girls, showing off their serious skills and having so much fun, it’ll make you wish you were 8 years old again.

Image: Pink Helmet Posse