7 Throwback Britney Spears Ads That Will Make You Feel All The Feels, From Roller Skates To Pepsi

What red-blooded American '90s child doesn't have fond memories of flipping through their copies of YM and Teen People and seeing Britney attached to pretty much every product? From shampoo to soda to Japanese candy, the pop princess endorsed pretty much any and everything in the early years of her stardom; and years later, these various throwback Britney Spears ads have become classics. I'm here to remind you of just a few of these gems.

If you wanted to sell something in the late '90s or early aughts, you could just plaster Britney's face onto it and call it a day. Can anyone forget the inimitable Pepsi commercial, featuring Britney breaking into a soda factory with all her friends and having an impromptu dance-off? How about a fresh-faced Spears rocking a sassy flip haircut and snapping a selfie with a Polaroid i-Zone? She also endorsed Skechers and Herbal Essences, solidifying her identity as queen of all turn-of-the-milennium cultural phenomena.

Prepare to open the commercial time capsule that defined your impressionable youth. These seven old ads featuring Ms. Spears will make you feel extremely sentimental. Feel free to listen to all of Baby One More Time while you look at these.


In your youth, Britney and Skechers together were pretty much everything you thought was devastatingly cool on Earth. And then came the wheels....

Skechers roller skates?!?! FLY. AS. HELL.

UHA Mikakuto Gummy Candy

TheRealBRITannica on YouTube

This commercial will make your brain explode in the best way possible.

The "Got Milk" Ads

This was pretty much your dream outfit at age 10.

Was I the only person who ever wondered who she was fake talking to? Oh, you mean it was supposed to be US?! Hmmm... Interesting.

God bless us, everyone!

Clairol Herbal Essences


The Pepsi Commercials

LaLaGrunge on YouTube

I've always been a Coke team member, but these and the Spice Girls "Generation Next" commercials at least made me consider switching sides.

musicmuse88 on YouTube

And then there was the Pepsi though the years commercial. Who doesn't love Britney Spears doing the Peace sign eye dance??

The "Curious" Fragrance Commercial

resqualledsheep on YouTube


Polaroid i-Zone

Back in the days that the "selfie" was primitively called "taking a picture of yourself."

Image: NaomiJuniarta, Jessica_Rolka, DMHWhite, _ThisIsTheMusic, DarkRomanek, TimeStashMX/ Twitter; Veritas104/ EBay