What Should Blake Lively Wear To The CFDAs?

Last year, our forever favorite Gossip Girl Blake Lively launched her Preserve website as a personal project and means of celebrating independent designers and their creations. All of the items sold on the website are hand-picked by Lively herself, but more importantly, hand-made by unique and undoubtedly talented artisans. Lively has obviously made herself known as an avid fashionista and surveyor of all things lovely, so it's no surprise that the e-shop is overflowing with completely desirable products.

On June 1, 2015, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) will host its annual awards ceremony, and I'm positive we'll see Blake Lively show up in something altogether perfect, as she continues to flawlessly execute her many wardrobe choices and appearances.

Because Preserve is basically a ready-made list of all the things Lively finds irresistible, I think it only pertinent to choose a few of the gorgeous items I've found on the website that she should totes don on the red carpet of the CFDAs to stun us all.

The items of clothing in the Preserve collection are varied, from garden party or cocktail dresses to denim jeans to casual tops, and the jewelry and accessories are accessible to the average, casual, yet fashionable woman. Taking cues from Lively's wardrobe at last year's CFDAs, we know that the actress doesn't have to wear a formal evening gown to look beautifully polished and stylish. So here are my top Preserve picks that Lively should definitely wear come June 1st.

1. Leather Dress

Leather Racer Front Dress, $240,

A LBD for any occasion will always make a stunning appearance. With Lively's skin tone and lush hair, a black-on-black ensemble would kill it.

2. Leather Dress Alternative

Chamizal Dress, $450,

But if she wanted to really make a splash, Lively could show a whole lot more skin (á la Rihanna at last year's CFDAs) and proudly display her body confidence.

3. Statement Necklace

Aeris Necklace, $58,

This statement necklace would look great with either of the two dresses listed above. And the fun shapes would add a little pizzazz to the ensemble.

4. Shaped Earrings

Perspective Cage Studs, $160,

These cool diamond shaped earrings would also work with either of the dresses above.

5. Rings

Ara Ring, $40,

I think Lively should pair one or two of these rings with the rest of the chosen outfit, and that dark, almost rocker chick vibe could go a long way with her otherwise perfectly girl-next-door demeanor.

6. Co-Ord Top

Lindsey Tie Front Shirt, $355,

For a completely different look, Lively could rock up to the awards in a co-ord that's just asking for us to love her with that rose print. Flowers everywhere for an award ceremony, right?

7. Co-Ord Skirt

Lindsey Skirt, $295,

Nothing says spring/summer like a match-matchy co-ord such as this one. The actress could rock it with some red or black pumps, too.

Images: Getty; Courtesy Preserve