12 Celebrities Were Total Jerks in 2013 (Lookin' At You, Reese!)

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Celebrities! They’re just like us! In the sense that people can be total jerk wads. You know that bunghole who steals your parking spot even though you’ve been waiting and signaling for it? A CELEBRITY COULD DO THAT. How about the shitbag who, when seeing an elderly, disabled, or pregnant person step onto a crowded subway averts their eyes so they don’t have to give up their seat? THIS PERSON COULD ALSO BE A CELEBRITY. Ugh. UUUUGH. Or what about that customer who only tips 10 percent because they don’t “believe” in tipping? POSSIBLE CELEBRITY BUTTHEAD.

Half (if not more) of someone’s celebrity status is based on public persona. So when you eat a hamburger in a bathtub or go on insane rants that target a group of minorities, your career can be weirdly given a boost (The Hoff) or totally dampened (Gibson) by these acts of awfulness.

2013 was a year that a lot of big names revealed their inner jerk. The real question is, did they wake up on the wrong side of the bed or does it make us see them on screen and want to hurl our popcorn into their big mean faces?

Let's take a look at some celebs who were giant jerks in 2013.

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