7 Reasons 'Doctor Who' Season 9 Needs River Song To Return

It's an undeniable truth: Doctor Who is overflowing with fantastic recurring characters, but none of them have left a lasting impression quite like River Song. Played by Alex Kingston, River was always mercurial, intelligent, and capable of matching wits with the Doctor. Her history was strange and sad thanks to the reveal that Amy and Rory were her parents, but even her dicey early years could not break River's spirit. She was more than a companion, she was the Doctor's wife, and she always made things interesting. The last time River appeared was in "The Name of the Doctor" way back in 2013. While her last scene felt final, Radio Times reports River could return in the future, and I for one could not be happier.

The world needs more River. I don't care that she finally reached the point in the timeline where she was imprisoned in The Library, Doctor Who is all about the time travel. Showrunner Steven Moffat has played fast and loose with the "rules" before, so I am more than willing to chock River's apparent demise up to timey wimey confusion if that means she gets to come back. There is still so much story left for River and the Doctor— just think of the possibilities! Here are seven reasons why Moffat needs to bring River back for Season 9 and beyond.

1. Alex Kingston and Peter Capaldi Would Be Magical Together

Kingston had flawless chemistry with David Tennant and Matt Smith, but imagining her with the current Doctor played by Capaldi gives me chills. These are two powerhouse actors, and Kingston would bring out Capaldi's playful side as well as match him when he goes all dark Doctor. Even original new Who showrunner Russell T. Davies wants to see the duo onscreen together. At a BAFTA event in New York City, Moffat revealed Davies told Moffat he had to bring River back. Moffat said, "I mentioned in passing to Russell that we were probably done with River. He said, 'You can't be done with River! No, no, no. Capaldi and Kingston, it's a sex storm!'"

I agree so hard, Davies.

2. River Needs a Solo Adventure

It doesn't even have to be in continuity— perhaps the best episode of Doctor Who, Season 3's "Blink" barely featured the Doctor at all. There is no reason why the show couldn't give us an episode devoted entirely to a River adventure. She had more than her share without the Doctor. Wouldn't it be nice to come along for the ride?

3. Her Ending Was Too Depressing, Even By Doctor Who Standards

River ends up dead (properly dead) with her consciousness trapped in The Library for eternity. It's not like Doctor Who is known for its happy endings (Donna!), but River's fate is a like a knife to the gut. For a woman who lived her life chasing one fantastic story after another, shouldn't she have a better ending? Even though being trapped in The Library means River can still have adventures, it does not seem like the ideal place to spend forever.

4. The Doctor Needs Someone Who Properly Knows Him

The Doctor can be a broody mess of a Time Lord sometimes, and since Capaldi stepped into his shoes, he has been particularly world weary. River is one of the few people who knows the Doctor on a level intimate enough to force him out of a funk. A visit from River would rejuvenate the Doctor and keep him on the right path.

5. River and the Doctor Need More Time to Run

The first time the Doctor met River she told him to "watch us run." Granted, they faced a fair amount of monsters and apocalypses together, but it would have been nice to see them travel together without any other companions for at least a few episodes. What did they get up to on all of those solo trips? I need to know!

6. There Are Always More Stories to Tell

Moffat told Radio Times he would bring River back if "we had a great story." This is River Song. Daughter of Amy Pond. She was raised as an assassin, she faced The Silence, wrote a book, and may have been Cleopatra. She was an archaeologist and a thief. She married the Doctor. This woman is full of great stories.

7. Because Goodbye Wasn't Goodbye

The only way River would let the Doctor go is if he said goodbye like it wasn't the last time. The Doctor is a man of his word. It's not like River no longer exists. She is still there, and the Doctor could still see her if he chose too. There was nothing final about their parting. River deserves to take The TARDIS for another spin. Now, someone just needs to convince Moffat.

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