Dorinda's Berkshires House From 'Real Housewives of New York City' Puts All Other Vacation Homes To Shame

On The Real Housewives of New York City, about half of the season takes place in the cast's various summer homes and vacation houses. And while LuAnn, Ramona, and Heather all have beautiful places, Dorinda Medley's Berkshires home may very well put them all to shame. It's wildly beautiful, of course, much like Heather's own home, because the Berkshires are a beautiful area. But also because Dorinda puts her own unique spin on things.

It makes sense that Dorinda chose the Berkshires as her family vacation spot. Like Heather who grew up there, Dorinda was also born in Massachusetts, and pays tribute to her heritage by preserving a connection to it through her home. And, she used to be a real estate broker, so buying nice homes is not only a skill that she's practiced and honed over the years, but also a way for her to express that she cares about something.

Even more than just having a lovely home, Dorinda's house seems the perfect place to host a Real Housewives of New York getaway. And, I think Dorinda would make for an impressive hostess, too, since she's already one of the most likable members of the cast.

The House Is Beautiful

Of course, that's to be expected. The view is lovely and I'm positive the place must be designed as well as Heather's is, what with Dorinda's real estate background.

Ramona Would Probably Hate It

She has some serious PTSD caused by either forested areas or the idea of missing a Hamptons party. But seriously, Ramona's behavior at Heather's Berkshires place will go down as one of the more inexplicable and bizarre moments in RHONY history — but I doubt Dorinda would be as accepting of someone ordering an air conditioner to be delivered to her home, then leaving early on a private plane. Fortunately, Dorinda's house doesn't need Ramona's approval to be amazing.

There's Some Quirky Stuff

This painting that Dorinda posted on Twitter is oddly beautiful, but it's the sort of thing that would have LuAnn raising her eyebrows and saying, "I don't know much about art..." before laughing haughtily. And the rest of the house's decor is just as eclectic, which I'm sure would draw some comments from everyone, good and bad. But, anything that prompts discussion is a good thing for a volatile (and entertaining) episode.

There's Also A Pool

That looks so refreshing.

It Comes Complete With Delicious Dinners

Dorinda is pretty easygoing, and she'd make an excellent hostess for fab parties. She even cooks!

She Definitely Could Afford The Hamptons... But She Just Likes The Berkshires More

Ramona's accusation that people who summer in the Berkshires are too poor for the Hamptons was offensive not only because it's rude to look down on people who have less money than you, but also because it's not true at all. In her inaugural Bravo blog, Dorinda declared, "As you may or may not know, I am not a Hamptons girl; I am #TeamBerkshires," and that's perfectly OK. The Berkshires are a great choice, and Dorinda's Berkshires house is one of the best houses of all. Plus, as they say in the Instagram video above: They always have the greatest time.

Image: Heidi Gutman/Bravo; TVHouseHusband/Tumblr