'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Reunion Shows Sarah Michelle Gellar & Alyson Hannigan Getting Crafty — PHOTO

Twelve years ago, Buffy The Vampire Slayer took its final bow on TV — after saving the world one last time, of course. But if you think Buffy Summers and bestie Willow Rosenberg haven't hung out since then, you'd be mistaken. Buffy and Willow portrayers Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan reunited recently— and looked like total twinsies. On Instagram, SMG posted a selfie with Hannigan from an awesomely crafty party that the How I Met Your Mother star and her hubby Alexis Denisof (Wesley on Buffy and Angel) threw in the Los Angeles area.

"So this girl (#AlysonHannigan) and her husband (#AlexisDenisof) know how to throw a party. I thought I was good with the crafts, till I went to this party #CraftMaster," Gellar captioned the photo on IG. "Thanks for having the #PrinzeFamily I've never seen a farm and pony rides in Santa Monica before #NowIveSeenItAll." In the photo, Hannigan is sporting denim overalls and Gellar is wearing a retro jean jacket — and they're seriously the same shade of denim. Twinsies, much? So much — and so adorable. I love that even after all these years (and that rough patch of Willow taking on black magic) Buffy and Willow can get together and bond over crafts and ponies.

What could possibly make this cuter? How about a balloon animal?

Yup, reunion adorableness maximum reached.

This isn't the first time Gellar and Hannigan have bonded over their mutual love of crafts — of the art kind, not witch. Earlier this month, Hannigan tweeted that she ran into Gellar at the ultimate craft store Michael's, which is where you go when you have a serious desire to paint, glue, and decorate everything to your heart's content. It's the best — and Hannigan seems to think so, too.

"I had a lovely time with @SarahMGellar when I ran into her at Michaels today," Hannigan tweeted. "Our mutual love of crafting would make Willow happy I think."

I wonder if any of these crafts are vampire-slaying related — decorative stakes for an on-screen reunion with the whole Scooby gang, perhaps? I have a feeling Giles would have a great time in Michael's.

Image: Giphy