Hilary Duff Tries Out A Brand New Dating App, Because Tinder Is So Yesterday

Hilary Duff finally realized what some online daters have known for a while: Tinder is where dreams go to die. Maybe that's why, after perhaps one unsolicited dick pic too many, Tinder's unofficial spokesperson Duff could be switching to The League, the new, exclusive online dating service coming Los Angeles this summer. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the invite-only, "Ivy League app" is currently "courting high-caliber L.A. singles" like Duff, who's "one of 7,500 Angelenos on the wish list."

Former Google employee, Stanford business school graduate and The League CEO Amanda Bradford said the app was born out of her own frustrating online dating experience. “I didn’t know much about the users other than what they look like on a lot of these apps,” Bradford told ABC News last March. “Every woman that I know Googles someone before they meet them for coffee… at least in my group of friends. I’m not going to meet someone – a stranger -- for coffee without doing a little bit of due diligence on them… so I think this is happening anyway, so let’s just be upfront about it.”

Bradford and her team "scrutinize applicants' LinkedIn profiles as closely as their photos," curating a "hand-selected pool of catches" for members who, as professional matchmaker Paul Brunson said, want “to find someone who grew up like them, who makes as much money as them. That’s what people want now." Bradford agrees, “It’s a classy app. It’s for people with high standards," though she denies having created "Tinder For Snobs." “If you look at where people meet their significant others, it’s through work, it’s through friends of friends, it’s through college and all of those are very vetted, curated communities, so I don’t see why a dating app wouldn’t employ the same methods.”

Best of luck to Duff as she ploughs through the increasingly terrible realm of trying to date in L.A.

Image: Tumblr