'Knock Knock' Trailer Is Sexy & Terrifying — VIDEO

At 2015's Sundance Film Festival, there were too many narrative films to see in the span of 11 days. Because there are no trailers to help festival goers choose, I decided to see the films that boasted enticing loglines and a cast of familiar names. Though I decided to skip it, I had heard rumblings about Eli Roth's sexual horror film Knock Knock , and the word of mouth reviews spanned from "terrible" to "exciting." And with the second trailer for 2015's Keanu Reeves offering released, I can finally see why.

The film follows Evan Webber, a married architect with kids. When his family leaves him with the family dog and an empty house, he lets two women caught in the rain come into his home. They exchange pleasantries, and before you know it, he's cheating on his wife with the two gorgeous gals. This turns out to be a terrible decision, as the women subsequently threaten to ruin Webber's life, and perhaps even kill him in the process.

The trailer for Knock Knock looks like typical horror film fare, with an ominous score and tension building. While I'm excited to see what looks to be two females calling the shots, I'm concerned their purpose is to simply be sirens leading our hero into choppy and dangerous waters. The trailer succeeds in offering a bevy of questions it leaves unanswered: Who are these women? Why are they torturing Webber? Have they done this to other men before? What do they hope to accomplish in their malice? And what giant (and likely sexual) twist is lurking behind each corner?

Director Eli Roth is known for his horror films, as well as a the not-so well received Netflix series Hemlock Grove. Knock Knock was picked up by Lionsgate for $2.5 million, with a U.S. release date yet to be set.

Watch the trailer below:

Images: Lionsgate; YouTube