9 Body Positive T-Shirt Companies #FTW

It seems like fun t-shirts are a dime a dozen these days — certainly a long way from the days when brands like Junk Food were the only available options for those who wanted their apparel to be catchy. And with that has also come an influx of body positive t-shirts. These days, you can even make your own statement tee, thanks to companies like Spreadshirt, which allow you to design and sell shirts with your original artwork, at no cost to you. So in the spirit of t-shirt love, I wanted to give you a list of companies that are making body positive tees for all sizes and in a variety of styles, so you can rock your statements of body love all summer long.

If you're wondering why body positivity should be worn on a t-shirt, there are so many ways doing so can make a political statement. First of all, a shirt is a great conversation starter and can immediately bring attention to your cause, especially in a social setting. It's also a convenient way to ward off those who aren't in line with your body positivity and make sure those who want to get your attention appreciate your message. I personally feel really empowered when I wear a shirt with a positive message on it, and think it's a perfect way to make yourself feel good.

Are you wanting to rock a body positive shirt, too? Here are nine t-shirt companies rocking their mantras of self love on their sleeves. You should totes buy your swag from them.

1. Red Bubble

Stay Body Posi, $25, Red Bubble

Red Bubble's body positive t-shirts are anything but typical, featuring phrases like, "I love my period," "F*ck your fat shame," and "Fries before guys." Shirts come in sizes up to 3XL and RB's price point is accessible to all, with shirts in the $20-30 range. The company's mission is to highlight the creativity of artists and bring their work to the mainstream, which is always cool.

2. Beauty Redefined

See More Be More T-Shirt, $20, Beauty Redefined

Beauty Redefined is a body image program and passion project of twin sisters Lexie and Lindsey Kite, who both have PhDs in media and body image. Their work is based on the presumption that our cultural ideas of beauty are harmful to women and girl's self-esteem and they work to literally redefine what beauty means. As a non-profit, their t-shirts go to benefit the organization's work, which includes media literacy talks and educational programs.

3. Look Human

#BodyPositive Tee, $22, Look Human

If you want to highlight your body positivity and social media prowess, you'll love this design from Look Human. The brand also has this design in tank-tops and hoodies, so you can change up the look of the shirt if you're not into tees. Styles also come in men, women, unisex, and even baby sizes, as well as in a variety of colors and cuts.

4. Feminist Apparel

My Body is Not For Your Consumption Unisex T-Shirt, $30, Feminist Apparel

If you want your entire top collection to feature feminist phrases, ideologies, and body positive messages, you'll love the offerings from Feminist Apparel. The company is a non-profit that believes "anyone can be a feminist," and even better, offers sizes in up to 5XL.

5. Skreened

More Hip Than You Can Handle Tee, $25, Skreened

Skreened offer pages of body positive t-shirts that will leave you saying "yes girl" and also pulling out your credit card. I love how diverse their shirts are in style and content. The only thing I don't love is that you'll be charged $1.50 extra for shirts in the largest size offering, 2XL. Body positivity needs to be extended to size and price offerings, too.

6. Chin Up Apparel

I Hate Running But I Love French Fries Tank, $22, Chin Up Apparel

If you're a body positive fitness buff, you'll love the t-shirt options from Chin Up Apparel. Plus, if you would rather eat some good junk food rather than engage in a sweaty workout, you can rock these clothes, too. Like the shirt above!

7. Decay Amongst The Trees

Stop Body Shaming Adhesive Letter T-Shirt, $12, Etsy

This Etsy shop features this body positive t-shirt, amongst others, that come in both youth and adult sizes. The owner of the shop has said of her creation of the shirt, "Body Shaming is something that I see a lot of especially on the Internet and something I know I deal with a lot. I feel proud when I wear this shirt in public because I know people are reading it.. and that's all I want." Amen to that!

8. Shop Heroine Couture

Thick Thighs Save Lives T-Shirt, $30, Etsy

This shirt is amazing for a number of reasons, starting with the trendy '90s style that it has with the dripping letters. This shirt is also hand dyed so each shirt you order will be unique!

This Etsy shop is committed to letting people express their individual creativity and style through fashion. Heroine Couture also has a lot of other body positive and feminist designs that I'm sure you'll be dying to get your hands on.

9. Activate Apparel

Bikini Body Workout Plan, $20, Activate Apparel

I love talking back to diet culture by declaring to the world that everyone has a bikini body, because there is no size requirement for wearing a two piece bathing suit, despite what diet companies want you to believe.

If you're on the same page, you'll love this t-shirt from Activate Apparel, which also has a slew of other body positive tops. While they are geared towards fitness buffs, their goal is to applaud self-expression and individuality over performance goals. How refreshing!

Images: Courtesy Brands