Chrissy Teigen Pretty Much Glows Sans Makeup!

Chrissy Teigen is a total glamour puss, like most models, because duh. She also isn't afraid to share a makeup-free selfie, like most celebs, on her busy and heavily followed social media channels. Chrissy Teigen's recent no makeup bed selfies—there are several from the past few days—find her absolutely glowing, as well as full of confidence and goofiness.

The truth is... The Teig looks even more beautiful without a face full of product. The girl is buh-lessed with natural beauty.

If you follow her on Instagram, you're well aware that Teigen often IGs snaps of her food and her life with husband John Legend and their adorbs bulldog, but she saved these day-in-the-life, sans makeup shots for her Twitter feed.

The snaps pretty much prove that you don't need blush or tons of cosmetics to make you glow, especially when you have a talented hottie like Legend and your loyal pooches by your side, along with a lot of pizza. More on the pizza in a sec, since it looks like the couple had a calorie fest in their bed on Sunday.

These makeup-less images totally show off her signature cheekbones. Wouldn't you kill for apples like that? Get it girl!

Remember what I said about her fabulous life with J. Lege and their canines? Here is the family hanging in bed, and Teigen sans makeup. God, she is gorgeous, right?

But you want to know where that glow really comes from? Not from blush or a tinted moisturizer or dewy highligher, but from spending a holiday weekend in bed with her hawt hubby.

Then there was the pizza! It appears the duo lounged in bed all day and looked good doing it.

Teigen actually started off her week with a makeup-free selfie.

It's true that does look like she swept a dusting of whisper pink blush on those famous cheekbones of hers in the shot above. Either that or she radiates a pink glow from within and given her super fun, upbeat personality, that wouldn't be the strangest thing in the world.

The shot was taken a few days ago, after her hosting stint for the Billboard Music Awards, where she pretty much killed it, reminding us that nothing is hotter than a girl with a sense of humor.

If Teigen posted no makeup selfies all the time, we'd remain as enamored with her.

Images: Chrissy Teigen/Twitter (4)