How 'The West Wing' Spent Their 2013

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It's been seven years since The West Wing went off the air, but we still find ourselves missing President Bartlet, Toby, Josh, and the others more often that we'd like to admit. Aaron Sorkin's Emmy-winning drama is one of the best TV series to ever air, and even all these years later, it's hard not to wish we still had our dose of walk-and-talk magic every week (and no, The Newsroom doesn't count). There have been plenty of amazing dramas that have aired since The West Wing, of course, but few have lived up to Sorkin's wonderful creation.

Luckily, we're not the only ones with West Wing nostalgia. Over the last few years, many of the show's cast members have expressed their long-lasting love for the series, talking in interviews about how unique the experience was and reuniting with their fellow cast members on Twitter and in funny PSAs. And in 2013, we got to see many of the West Wing ensemble in movies, TV shows, and more forms of entertainment that, while not as good as the White House, provided us with enough nostalgia to keep us going until the next time we decide to binge-watch the show on Netflix.

From President Bartlet to Ainsley Hayes, here's what the cast of The West Wing has been up to over the course of 2013.

Image: NBC

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