Thick-Haired Girls, Here's All You Need to Know

Congratulations thick-haired chicks, you won the genetic (hair) lottery! I know it doesn’t feel like that at times: you battle against excessive, constant dryness; it takes hours to dry/straighten/curl/whip up any type of style; and then there’s that breakage factor. But at the end of the day, so many people covet — and spend thousands on hair extension pieces for — those thick, voluminous locks that you were naturally born with, so let your hair live it up.

Maintenance is key for you, so here are four tips for caring for your full strands:

Avoid dryness

This naturally occurs since your hair oils have to work harder to travel down the hair shaft. Like curly hair, shampoo less and on the off days, rinse with water or deep-condition. Use a heat protectant that contains an SPF factor avoid drying sun damage.

Know your masks

The difference between a protein versus moisture mask is important. Moisture masks are brilliant for hydrating strands as a whole, but if you are encountering excessive breakage, you need to be on a protein treatment plan to rebuild follicle resilience. You can follow up with a moisturizing treatment afterwards, but apply both in the same method of wrap hair in a shower cap to preserve heat for a greater conditioning benefit.

Layer up

Your ideal cut is medium to long lengths, so strands are weighed down. Find a stylist that knows how to cut flattering layers and is a gun with thinning scissors — they’ll make all the difference.

Avoid excessive products

Your hair may be able to handle being layered up with mousses, gels, heat protectants, and hairsprays — but does it require it? Look for non-alcohol based products that are multitaskers, stick to two per styling session, and you’ll enjoy less weighted down, more hydrated hair for a longer period between shampoos.

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images