11 Father Daughter Tattoos That Would Make A Great Bonding Experience

With Father's Day coming up on June 21, you better start thinking about what to get dear ol' dad! Why not ditch the boring and expected gifts, like cologne or DVDs or sporting event tickets in favor of something way more special and long-lasting... like matching father daughter tattoos.

Why not surprise your dad with a "date" to the tattoo parlor for a cute, perhaps quick, and totally safe father-daughter ink that both of you will be super proud to show off? It's an easy and a modern way to have a bonding session and it's also commemorative, offering a way for you to keep each other nearby, even if one of you is far, far away.

While you may be his little girl and the thought of you getting inked may make him clench his jaw a bit, you're growing up and this is the type of gesture that could blow him away. I know if I asked my dad to get matching tattoos, he'd be like, "So you're not really embarrassed by me? While I don't love that you have more than one tattoo, let's do it!"

If you need some inspiration to get dad convinced, check out these 11 awesome father daughter tattoos on Instagram.

1. Modern-Meets-Traditional

This blend a classic flash tat style with a more modern watercolor effect for art you'll both be in love with.

2. Ancestral Significance

If you're getting a tattoo with your father, it makes sense to celebrate your heritage.

3. A Meaningful Phrase

Who says your ink has to match exactly? A coordinating tattoo is incredibly cool.

4. A Memorial Piece

Then again, matching tattoos can be quite striking.

5. Something More Abstract

Who cares if no one else knows what it means? It's special to you two, and that's all that matters.

6. A Matching Message

Signing each other (forever) is honestly a perfectly precious idea.

7. A Piece With A Story

Not sure what you want your ink to look like? Tell your artist a story you have with your father, and they'll be able to come up with a cool interpretation.

8. Song Lyrics

Did you inherit your dad's taste in excellent music? Song lyrics are the tattoo for you.

9. A Tattoo Puzzle

Separately, these tattoos look awesome. Put together, they really shine.

10. Minimalist Goodness

Your matching ink doesn't have to be intricate to be amazing.

11. Minimalist Goodness, Pt 2

See what I mean?

Image: @emimia/Instagram