Carrie Underwood Won 'Idol' 10 Years Ago Today

by Jaclyn Anglis

Ready to feel old? Carrie Underwood won American Idol 10 years ago today. Crazy, right? It is hard to imagine a time when we did not have the song "Before He Cheats" in our lives. Luckily, those days ended after Carrie Underwood took home the grand prize on the singing talent competition and cultural phenomenon.

Since then, Underwood has proven herself as a true all-American girl. Who else brings the house down with "The Star-Spangled Banner," or rocks the American flag on a tank top like she does? Whether or not you're a country music fan, you have to step back and appreciate Underwood's contribution and dedication to American culture. It is especially appropriate considering the timing of Memorial Day, a day to honor American soldiers and veterans, especially those who have fallen. So in the spirit of the 10-year anniversary of Underwood becoming a household name and of the quintessential American holiday, let's take a look back at some of Underwood's best all-American moments.

Simply American Campaign

Underwood recently shared a peak behind the scenes of her collaboration with American cosmetic brand Almay. What better way to celebrate the brand's roots in this country then with an American flag tank top?

When She Met Troops

Underwood has shown that she is happy to thank the servicemen and servicewomen who help keep our great country safe.

Casual Tractor Ride

The tractor was John Deere, naturally.

Enjoying Burgers

Though Underwood is vegan, she took the time and effort to indulge in her spin on the American classic—a veggie burger with faux cheese. Now that's dedication!

Channeling Wizard of Oz

A classic American film inspiration for this music video was perfect, especially considering the title.

Induction Into Grand Ole Opry

Getting inducted into the Grand Ole Opry is a huge honor for country artists here in the U.S. The only question you might have is why she looks so surprised. She's obviously earned it!

"All-American Girl" Song

Let the music video speak for itself.

Performing The National Anthem

They don't let just anyone belt this one out, especially at the Super Bowl.

Winning American Idol

You can't get more American than that!