Rumer Willis & Demi Moore Are Twinning Perfectly

There comes a moment in every girl's life where she realizes she is a lot more like her mother than she thought. That just happened for one newly-minted Dancing With the Stars champ when Rumer Willis, and Demi Moore wore matching jumpsuits on Sunday. The ladies donned sleeveless, loose and silky charcoal jumpsuits, nerdy black reading glasses, and flowing black locks styled identically. It was ridiculously chic.

Even with their all-black ensembles, Willis and Moore look like sisters moreso than mother and daughter. Again, they are ridiculously cool.

Looking past the ensembles, what's most memorable to me about the Rumer x Demi twinning is how they both have their hands jammed into the romper's pockets in the exact same way. So beyond the clothes, they mimic one another's movements. Precious.

Rumer is Demi's eldest daughter and she looks absolutely gorgeous standing next to her stunning mother. They compliment each other. It's as though they reflect one another's glow.

Check out the photo below. Those jumpsuits look soo comfortable.

If this wasn't enough proof, there are plenty of reasons dressing like your mom can be cool. In fact, I highly recommend it.

1. First Impressions

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Your mother is often your first style icon, since she is the person in closest proximity to you for much of your early life. Even if she's not, say, Demi Moore, in the style department, chances are she'll rub off on you as your grow older.

2. Vintage And Classic

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What goes around comes around in fashion and your mom's closet likely holds many items from past eras that will come back into style. I know I inherited my love of giant sunglasses from my mom, since she wore so many great, gigantic cheapies in the '70s, and she handed over some amazing and unique geometric pairs.

3. Moms Have Style, Too

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Your mom didn't give up her style just because she became a mother with a new set of priorities; fashion didn't have to take a backseat or fall by the wayside for her. And not all moms wear mom jeans, so remember that your woman who birthed you had her own unique style before and after you, so open your eyes and take the cues that are right there in front of you.

See, twinning with mom ain't so bad, is it? And that one-piece is an amazing summer chic piece that women of any age would want to wear.

Images: Rumer Willis/Instagram (1); Getty (3)