Why Every Day Should Be Hamburger Day

by Chrissa Hardy

Hamburgers are like the reliable BFF of the food world. They're there when you need them, and they instantly make you feel like everything is going to be OK. So on a day like National Hamburger Day (which just so happens to be May 28), it's hard to trim down the list of reasons why they're so magnificent to a manageable number. Hamburgers are versatile, delicious, and truly the best food there is. They're accessible in every corner of the world and still... humans cannot get enough. The proof is in the fast food joint on every block of the country.

While they seem to be a given on any summer BBQ menu, they're also a year-round flavor savior. They taste as amazing on a hot day with a cold beer as they do when the snow is piling up outside your front door. Sure, hot dogs and BBQ wings are more of a summer food than anything else, but they just don't taste as good as a slab of beef between two buns. Also, does anyone ever get sick of hamburgers? I think not. There are so many different ways to eat them, it's just not possible to reach the point of being over hamburgers. Not convinced yet? Here are all the reasons every day should be Hamburger Day.

1. Because Burgers Are The Ultimate Comfort Food

When you're stressed, or sad, or pissed off... what would immediately improve your mood? It's probably a hamburger and a big ol' side of fries, right? Right.

2. Because Any Topping Will Taste Good

People put some crazy toppings on their burgers, but they still always taste incredible. Whether it's a fried egg, a meatball, special sauces, strips of bacon, or five different cheeses, hamburgers can handle any flavor and it works.

3. Because Side Dishes Can Become Toppings

Why waste time eating chips, cole slaw, or French fries on the side when you could pile them on top of your burger? It's all going to the same place anyway, yes?

4. Because They Can Be As Healthy (Or Unhealthy) As You Make Them

Instead of buns, you could wrap your burger patty with lettuce. Or you could lean the other way and swap the buns for donuts. Either way, everyone wins.

5. Because You Can Have One Wherever You Are

Thanks to the success of fast food burger chains like McDonald's, you can honestly have a burger no matter where on the globe you find yourself. Walk a few blocks, and you'll find a dollar menu just waiting to be conquered.

6. Because Everything Just Tastes Better On A Bun

Burgers taste great because of the burger itself, but there's no denying that the buns enhance the overall burger experience. In fact, you could stick anything — even something as dull as Caesar salad — on a bun, and it'll taste like a brand new menu gem.

7. Because, Seriously... Is There Anything Better?

No, seriously — is there? Because I have eaten a whole lotta food in my life, and I've yet to discover anything more satisfying than a hamburger. If you've found something more tasty and filling, let me know.

Image: Hamburger/Confections of a Foodie Bride; Giphy (7)