Texas Flood Sweeps Homecoming Queen Alyssa Ramirez Away On The Way Home From Senior Prom

Dangerous flooding continues to affect large portions of South and Central Texas, from the Houston area to San Antonio to the state capital of Austin. At least 12 people are missing as of Tuesday morning after storms raged across the region, while a tornado that struck the Texas-Mexico border town Ciudad Acuna on Monday killed at least 13 people, authorities said. But out of the San Antonio area comes the tragic death of Alyssa Ramirez, a homecoming queen who was reportedly killed by a flash flood on her way home from senior prom.

Ramirez hailed from Devine, Texas, a small town located about 35 miles from San Antonio. She was on her way home Saturday night from San Antonio, where her high school prom was being held, when her car stalled in high water, NBC News affiliate WOAI reported. Her aunt, Roberta Ramirez, told the news source that Ramirez was just a few miles from her family's house in Devine when the flood waters surged.

"She did the right things," Roberta Ramirez told WOAI. "She called 911. She called her father, but it was just too much and too quick."

Her parents attempted to search for their daughter, but Saturday night's storm was too powerful and fast-moving. It's presumed that Ramirez died on May 24.

Now, those who attended Devine High School are honoring Ramirez, who spent the last hours of her life celebrating at her senior prom. Members of the Devine community are using the hashtag #RememberAlyss as they post memories of the high school senior who was not only homecoming queen of Devine High School, but also student council president, a cheerleader and an athlete who played tennis and volleyball, according to her obituary.

"She was very friendly to all who crossed her path, loved her family, her friends and the town of Devine," states Ramirez's obituary. "She had aspirations of being an optometrist."

According to KENS-TV in San Antonio, friends began leaving mementos such as flowers and a tennis shirt at the site where Ramirez and her car was presumably whisked away by the flood. Pieces of her car were also left at the site.

WOAI added in its report that Devine High School planned to honor Ramirez on Tuesday with a flagpole service. Funeral services have also been scheduled for Tuesday at the Hurley Funeral Home.

Images: Getty Images