Olive Ryan Is A Young Girl Version Of Bill Nye And You're About To Be Obsessed With Her — VIDEO

Because we're all old and have forgotten everything we learned in basic high school science, we sometimes need to have our memories jogged. Or you know, learn that stuff for the first time because we were too busy acting like learning didn't matter and passing notes through class instead. (Not me, I was a total nerd, so I'm just of the former, forgetful variety of person.) Olive Ryan is a young girl version of Bill Nye who is going to school you or re-school you on basic physics while being completely adorable in the way that smart children often are. So if you want a refresher course in the basics of physics, look no further than Olive's "Intro To Physics."

One thing I really love about this is that Olive calls herself a "Science Person" rather than a science girl, which is a pretty gender sensitive and also empowering thing for a young girl to define herself not by her sex, but by her interest (science). It's something you rarely see informing female perspective. Meanwhile, one of the best comments just reads "Show this video to Bill Nye and Ellen!" Because we all know, if a kid does something cute in a video, it's mandatory for Ellen to watch it and bring it on her show.


Here are some things you'll learn about heat transfer from from Olive's video:

1. Convection


2. Conduction

3. Radiation

But wait, there's more! Watch Olive's video below to learn about heat transfer and more basic physics below. And hopefully soon Olive will have more videos for us to feast our brains upon:

Olive Ryan on YouTube

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