15 YA Books Teens Are Obsessed With, Because Whether Or Not We Want To Admit It, They Kinda Have Awesome Taste In Fun Lit

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I have a teenaged sister whose opinion I rely heavily on for super-trendy things. She’s the one I text in the dressing room when I’m unsure if an outfit is cute or not. (Most recently her answer was: um NO. you look like a shower curtain.) But I also go to her for book recs because her taste in YA literature is always on point.

With a plethora of young adult titles that have burst onto the scene, it’s always a challenge to decide which to read next. But because I am a 15-year-old bookish fangirl at heart, I’ve gathered a few titles that have recently captivated the squeal-worthy attention of teens.

Image: _carinareads/Instagram

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