A New York Style Blogger Takes Us Around Brooklyn For A Sweet Summer Weekend

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My favorite part about dressing for NYC is the balance between being trendy but still comfortable. You can be whoever you want to be in New York, and that's OK! It is refreshing to be able to wear whatever I want without a single person even batting an eyelash.

Usually, exploring the city calls for a lot of walking, and you'll see a lovely mixture of glamorous and gritty that you won't find in many other places. My favorite spots to explore are usually in Brooklyn, specifically Bushwick, where the walls are filled with graffiti and the stores are overflowing with vintage treasures. When I'm getting dressed, I'm always thinking, step one: check the weather; step two: figure out how many miles I will be walking; and step three: OK, now how can I make this cute?

It's a challenge, which is what makes dressing for this city so much fun.

Now get on those walking shoes, because in partnership with Sunglass Hut, I am going to take you on some weekend adventures. (Note: You might want to skip the heels.)

This post is sponsored by Sunglass Hut. Sunglass Hut is celebrating the summer in style with the Electrify Your Summer Tour, coming to New York City on June 20. Find out more here!

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