Taylor Swift's Mom Is A Victim Of "Starbucks Lovers" & 9 More Reasons You Should Love Her Parents

Since Taylor Swift released 1989 last October, it's become a universally accepted fact that we all thought she was singing "Starbucks lovers" in "Blank Space." Don't lie — you thought it too. And honestly, it wasn't that far off to imagine that Swift would sing about everyone's favorite coffee chain. She's long been a fan of coffee, especially skinny vanilla lattes, so having a long list of Starbucks lovers? Not entirely impossible. Of course, Swift is actually singing "a long list of ex-lovers," and I have a feeling the mixup will join the ranks of all the best misheard lyrics in music's history, right there next to "concrete jungle wet dream tomato." And if you are a Starbucks lovers-hearer, don't worry — you're totally not alone. Because as she revealed over the weekend, even Swift's mom thought the lyrics were "Starbucks lovers."

Which obviously means that it's now official that Swift has the cutest parents ever. Not only are they super supportive of her career, but they're also pretty hilarious. This misheard lyrics thing is just the tip of the iceberg, actually. For a long time, Swift has been sharing her parents' antics on Twitter and Instagram, and it's adorable that even the parents of a superstar can be just as embarrassing as the parents of the rest of us.

When Her Dad Gave Her Flamingos For Christmas

Because lawn ornaments are the perfect gift for the girl who has everything.

And Lint Rollers.

When Her Mom Presented Her With An Award At The 2015 ACMS

Most precious mom/daughter duo ever.

When She Described Her Father In Perfect Detail On Tumblr

Chatsy would definitely apply to my parents, too.

When Her Dad Basically Joined Haim

Isn't it the best when your parents hang with your friends without you?

When Her Mom Went To Walmart To Buy 1989 At Midnight

Moms who give up sleep to go buy their daughter's album the minute it's released are amazing.

When Her Dad Was Mostly Just Excited To Meet Whoopi Goldberg

Let's be real: We all want to meet Whoopi.

When She And Her Mom Wore Matching Velvet Christmas Outfits


And, Finally, Her Father's Very First Selfie — With Tons Of Swift's Fans

He was so excited!

Image: taylorswift/Tumblr