6 Questions About Cox's Costume

The rest of America (and America's celebrities) celebrated Halloween over one week ago, on Oct. 31. But, it seems, Cougar Town's Courteney Cox got a bit too invested in Penny Can and Big Carl over the past week and showed up quite late to the party. Because it wasn't until today, Nov. 8, that Cox tweeted a picture of her family's Halloween costumes.

But, looking at the Twitter photo, we're not only questioning Cox's tardiness. We come complete with these six questions for the actress and her clan, whose costumes, admittedly, we love. (You knew it!)

1. How Old Is Coco?

We're confused. Cox's daughter looks like she accelerated into a young lady far too quickly (slow down, time), yet she's dressed like a baby, or a celebrity baby (good costume!), so how old is she exactly? Who knows? How will we ever know! Oh, Google. Google says she's nine years old. Time flies when you're drinking out of Big Carl.

2. Who Is the Clown?

It could be the following: 1) Cox's ex-husband, David Arquette, since "family" seems to imply his inclusion, 2) Cox's rumored boyfriend, Cougar Town star Brian Van Holt, or 3) An unknown dude my co-worker saw walking with Cox in Penn Station. Since I have a hard time believing Cox would enter Penn Station — she must really like combination Pizza Hut/Taco Bell — my guess is going to go with No. 1. He is, after all, a clown.

3. What is Cox Dressed As?

A sumo wrestler? Or Fat Monica?

4. How Did Friends Get Away with Fat Monica Anyway?

Seriously. And how were we not offended back then? I mean, come on:

5. Can We Forgive NBC's Insensitivity?

Yes. But only because we love Monica Gellar no matter her size.

6. Did I Go Off On a Tangent?

Yes, yes I did. So let's circle back and give props to Cox, even if we wish she went as Monica with an eyepatch.

Images: Tumblr; Tumblr