7 Times Rihanna Rocked Androgynous Looks And Reminded Us That No One Has Time For Binaries

I am always rooting for women and men who breaks gender norms, and those who do so through fashion are no exception. When you look at Rihanna's street style attire in all its androgynous glory, how effortless yet chic she is becomes incredibly clear by the way she strolls down the streets of New York, London, Los Angeles, and other cities as well as on the red carpet. In a world where almost everyone is careful about what they wear, Rihanna is notorious for being that celebrity who is delightfully apathetic in terms of her sartorial choices. This is one of the many reasons why she is a leading member of the "Carefree Black Girls," after all.

I admire how Rihanna always takes fashion risks and is against gender norms in terms of fashion and street style. RiRi is all about being comfortable yet edgy, which is definitely a look many women strive for at some point in their lives. From pairing distressed boyfriend jeans with strappy, heeled sandals to rocking a crop top with boxer briefs and Timberland boots, Rihanna wears it all without a care in the world.

The musician radiates true confidence no matter what she is wearing, which is so beautiful to me. So I've rounded up seven of my favorite Rihanna looks that best illustrate her inter-sexual wardrobe.

1. Sequined-Sleeved Utility Jacket With Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans with men's boxer briefs? Jeweled stiletto heels? Risqué, sheer bralette underneath an over-sized, sequin-sleeved utility jacket? Check, check, and check. Definitely one of my favorite androgynous Rihanna street style looks to date.

2. Spurred Out

Since the NBA Playoffs are in full-force, RiRi picked the perfect time to rock this classic Spurs jersey in NYC last week.

3. Flying In Timberland

Nothing is more chill than arriving at the airport in a hoodie and Timberland boots. Rihanna paired these items with vamp-y red lipstick and hoop earrings to add a traditionally feminine touch.

4. Camo Everything

A$AP Rocky once said that he was "camo down to his boxers," and I believe that Rihanna was camo down to her undies, too, in this look from Bathing Ape.

5. Dresses With Sneakers

While most female celebrities seem to pair their dresses with heels to stroll the streets, RiRi often puts her Puma endorsement deal to great use to pair her designer dresses with sneakers.

6. Varsity Jacket Turned Poncho

What is more androgynous than a varsity jacket turned poncho outerwear? I do not know the answer to this question either, but Rihanna surely proved that this combination is possible.

7. Over-Sized Denim With Red Lip

This look would be completely femme if it weren't for the boyfriend denim shirt that Rihanna paired with a bold red lip to add an edgy touch.

Images: Getty; RihannaDaily/Instagram; GlamourOutfit, TheCut, Wbrenzel, Fashionspy_, Juaan_ss, Hippelsportshub/Twitter