13 Best Friend Tattoo Ideas To Get With Your Platonic Soulmate

Your best friend is the person you can count on for anything — whether it's good or bad, they will always be by your side, making funny faces or bringing you coffee on long days. Getting a best friend tattoo with your closest pal can be a cool way to show everyone that this person is literally a BFFL. Not only can it bring your friendship even closer, it will also be an experience you can both remember forever (from picking the design to actually having it done). Getting a tattoo is a big commitment, as it is permanent and will last forever. But if you know your friendship isn't ending anytime soon (or ever!), why not go for it?

If you and your bestie are thinking about getting tatted up, here are 13 cool best friend tattoos that may spark your interest for something you could share with your platonic soulmate.

Image: forever_wild_bitches /Instagram

The Flower Ankle Tattoo

Solidify your friendship with a fancy variation of a flower/sun tattoo, because your best friend is your sunshine on cloudy days.

Image: thubbink/Instagram

The Feather Tattoo

The feather trend tattoo has yet to die down (probably because they look awesome), so design your own and pair it with your best bud to rock forever.

Image: taydubya/Instagram

The "Common Interest" Tattoo

Maybe the reason your best friend is, well, your best friend is because s/he just happens to be into the same things as you. Commemorate whatever that was with a tattoo representing what brought your friendship together.

Image: pebbleandtree/Instagram

The "Home" Tattoo

For best friends, distance ain’t nothing. You can be oceans away, but you can always count on your bestie to be there for you.

Image: danaloraine95/Instagram

The Crown Tattoo

The loyalty between best friends is sacred. Tattoo a crown to show how both of you will always be loyal to each other.

Image: jadeschellnack/Instagram

The Ying-Yang Tattoo

Your BFFL is your platonic other half, so represent it with a ying-yang tattoo.

Image: forever_wild_bitches/Instagram

The Umatching, Matching Tattoos

Maybe you don’t want to have the same tattoo in the same exact place. Your bestie can get the tattoo in a bigger size while you get the same design in a smaller one.

Image: harrietty_spaghettii/Instagram

The Meaningful Quote Tattoo

Best friends have stuck with you through thick and thin. Cherish your friendship with a meaningful quote that means something to both of you.

Image: justinemarie87/Instagram

The Waves Tattoo

Keep the waves from summer and relaxation on your sleeve with this simple and cute ocean tattoo.

Image: savana93/Instagram

The Paper Airplane Tattoo

As a fellow wanderluster, I am all for travel-related tats. Thankfully, my bestie is too! Find a simple design that shows your love for travel, flying, etc.

Image: tiffluu/Instagram

The Unique Design

Sometimes a quirky or whimsical design is just enough to showcase your bestie love.

Image: tabithalea1992/Instagram

The Grammar Tattoo

Literature-obsessed besties would love this ellipses tattoo because sometimes you don’t have to say a word for your best friend to understand you.

Image: nickoleslaw/Instagram

The sun & moon tattoo

Your love for one another is as big as the distance between the sun and the moon.

Image: livingartgallery/Instagram