13 Best Friend Tattoo Ideas To Get With Your Platonic Soulmate

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Your best friend is the person you can count on for anything — whether it's good or bad, they will always be by your side, making funny faces or bringing you coffee on long days. Getting a best friend tattoo with your closest pal can be a cool way to show everyone that this person is literally a BFFL. Not only can it bring your friendship even closer, it will also be an experience you can both remember forever (from picking the design to actually having it done). Getting a tattoo is a big commitment, as it is permanent and will last forever. But if you know your friendship isn't ending anytime soon (or ever!), why not go for it?

If you and your bestie are thinking about getting tatted up, here are 13 cool best friend tattoos that may spark your interest for something you could share with your platonic soulmate.

Image: forever_wild_bitches /Instagram

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