6 Things A True Friend Will Never Hesitate To Say To You

Unfortunately, it's not always easy to learn how to know if someone is a real friend. Fake friends are like autumn leaves: easily found everywhere. Real friends are like diamonds: shiny and rare. Or something. I think I read that scrawled in a toilet cubicle or something in high school. But it seems pretty on point, even if it is cheesy. (And hey, while we're at it: dance like there's nobody watching, you guys.) In all seriousness though, true friends aren't plentiful, and for every ten acquaintances in your life, you've probably got one true friend. Such is the ratio of casual friendship to serious friendship. And that's okay: there's not enough time to forge many true friendships because they require real commitment and substantial time. Which is what makes them the best.

Once you have that true friend bond with someone, there's not much that can break it. Maybe a hefty betrayal, but let's hope it never comes to that. And if it does, that person might never have been your true friend anyway. What makes true friendship is the same as what makes any other type of relationship a good one: honesty and communication. Those things breed respect, familiarity, intimacy and trust. Which aside from laughter, are the most necessary ingredients for a thriving relationship. So here are six things a true friend would never hesitate to say to you:

1. "That outfit/makeup/hairstyle doesn't look so good on you"

It might be superficial, but a true friend will never let you look bad. Of course, they'll approach your ugly dress/makeup/hairstyle with sensitivity and tact, but a true friend will always be real with you when it comes to your style.

2. "I'm mad at you"

One thing about true friends is that if you piss them off, they'll tell you. They won't act passive aggressive. They won't be so indifferent about it that it doesn't warrant bringing up with you. And they certainly wont go behind your back and talk about it to other people. They'll come directly to you and express that you've upset them, explain how, and have a discussion about both your feelings to an end that's mutually acceptable to continue your wonderful friendship without lingering resentment.

3. "I'll be there as soon as possible"

When you're in trouble or feeling down, a true friend will never hesitate to be there for you. If you express need to your true friend, they'll drop what they're doing (I mean, unless they're at work or doing something they can't get out of easily, in which case, they'll get there when they're finished) and get to your side. Whether it's bringing you soup when you're sick or taking you out of the town when you're heartbroken, true friends alway support each other through hardship without qualification.

4. "That decision is not in your best interests"

Friends will never offer judgement, but they will offer opinions. And true friends will never hesitate to tell you when they think what you're doing isn't in your best interests, without letting their own bias cloud their advice. True friends have your health and happiness in mind and when sharing their thoughts with you on your life choices won't tell you what you want to hear for the sake of it. They'll always be frank, and so invested in you being ultimately happy that they'l always be compelled to tell you when they think your decisions might be disastrous.

5. "You're wrong, but I've still got your back"

True friends will always tell you when they think you're wrong, but if you're hell bent on picking up a weird craft or getting back with your annoying ex, they'll have your back. Another cheesy piece of wisdom I learned from the graffiti on the walls of toilet cubicles in high school: "True friends will side with you when you're wrong. Anyone will side with you when you're right." TRUTH BOMBS AND POOP BOMBS ALL IN THE SAME PLACE.

6. "I love you"

I've always thought that when you love someone, whether it be your S.O., best friend, or family member, it's your duty to constantly remind them, and go out of your way to make them feel loved. Because people forget. And it sucks to feel unloved. True friends don't shy away from expressing their love. True friends prioritize making their friends feel loved often and completely.

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