How To Wear A Graduation Cap In 3 Steps You Can Definitely Handle On The Last Day Of College

Congratulations, you're graduating! Now, for the biggest test of all: It's time to figure out how to wear your graduation cap. Those hats can be pretty tricky to keep on, but there are always a few tricks on how to pull it off. Hey, you survived college. A pesky cap isn't going to stop you from looking your best on graduation day.

The trick to looking your best in your graduation cap is to remember how hard you worked to be wearing it. Remember all those long nights in the library and the (possibly hazardous) amount of coffee you consumed? Think of this hat as an accumulation of all of that work. The fabric may be weird, and it might be two sizes too small, but you worked your butt off for that degree. This hat is just a step in the journey.

Another reason this cap is so important is that it's going to be featured in all of your graduation photos. Every time someone snaps a photo on that day, this hat will be in the frame. Everyone loves to see the graduate glowing in their cap and gown, so for the sake of the hundreds of photos, cap placement is key. Here are a few things to remember when donning your graduation cap on the big day.

1. Cap placement

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Remember that the point of the cap goes in the front. That point is supposed to touch the top of your forehead, and the stretchy part will fall at the base of your neck. If the cap sits any farther back, it's bound to start slipping. To avoid the headache of maintaining your cap, make sure it's placed just so.

2. Hairstyle

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Ponytails and updos are going to be impossible with that cap. Everything will fall out of place as the cap will surely cause dents to your 'do. To keep everything together, keep your hair down or try a cool side braid.

3. Bobby Pins

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You are going to need SEVERAL bobby pins to keep that sucker in place. Graduation caps have minds of their own, and tend to fall at the worst possible time. To have a worry-free graduation, pin that cap in place using similar colored bobby pins. Now strut across that stage!

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