12 Places Hair Ties Go When They Decide To Vanish From Your Bathroom Forever

What is it with hair ties? You buy a large pack from the drugstore, and then a month later they are are no where to be found. What is that insanity? Where do hair ties go? Why do they vanish just as you need them? This madness must be stopped. Think of all the ponytails that will go untied. Or better yet, all of the top knots that will never know their full, messy potential.

Maybe it's a conspiracy set up by hair tie corporations. Or maybe those suckers are just really easy to lose. Either way, they have to go somewhere. They can't just be hiding under the bathroom sink, and without a doubt, they are absolutely never where you left them. Think of all the money you could have saved if those things just stayed put. The rent would have paid for itself by now!

Hair tie disappearance is a huge issue in the country. Right behind climate change and #deflategate, hair tie vanishings should be our upmost concern. How else are we going to keep our 'dos fabulous if our hair ties keep disappearing? How is the President supposed to lead a nation if our hair is just flapping all over the place? The world may never know. Here are a few suggestions on where our precious hair ties are probably vanishing to.

1. Narnia



2. The badass academy in T. Swift's "Bad Blood" music video


'Cause lady superheroes need that hair tie more than you do.

3. The Bat Cave


No one (or thing) ignores the bat signal.

4. Eaten by a loose seal



5. The greatest city on Earth


RIP 'Lil Sebastian.

6. Their parent’s basement


Because isn't that where we all end up eventually?

7. To protect the coven


Nothing is going to cross Jessica Lange.

8. To party with the Haitians

9. Gatsby's house


"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly to finding our hair ties."

10. The Spice Girls reunion tour


Easy V doesn't come for free, she's a real lady.

11. To protect The Wall


I mean I would climb a mountain of ice to hold back that hair. #justsaying

12. To rewatch OITNB because SEASON THREE IS SO CLOSE


Wherever you go, hair ties, I hope you're happy.

Images: HBO; Giphy (12); Instagram/lovelottabody