The Next YA Bestseller: 7 Novels That Could Break Open the Genre

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Several YA books have already reached crossover hit status. The Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars, and others have exploded out from teenagers' bookshelves to the hands of moms, uncles, and grandparents — and you, too. Last month, Veronica Roth's final book of her Divergent series, Allegiant, became the latest of these breakout novels. According to Publisher's Weekly, its first-day sales reached 455,000 copies, a record for HarperCollins — and its first-month sales were nearly five times the first-month sales of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games finale Mockingjay. (In case those numbers don't mean anything to you, just trust us, it's a lot.

As 2013 winds down and we look into the coming year, several upcoming YA novels stand out for breakout status. Whether they hit the dystopian nerve like so many other YA bestsellers or ground us back in the turmoil of everyday life, these seven books have the power to be the next big thing.

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