'Homeland' Gives Fans What They Want

Homeland puts Carrie in a corner for this episode — most of the drama is led by Saul, Peter Quinn, and master bad guy Majid Javadi. What's going to happen to Saul when Lockhart takes over? Does the U.S. have a spy in the upper echelons of the Iranian government now? Will Majid Javadi kill a puppy with a broken bottle next? How else will they get Peter Quinn shirtless? Oh, the pressing questions. Especially this one: Who was the most melodramatic this episode? Let's take a look:

  • Security camera footage shows Peter Quinn was lurking around Majid Javadi's ex-wife's place. Stalkers never win! Even cute ones. (Peter Quinn +10)
  • Majid Javadi has a hoard of $50 million in government money — so there's more to him than just blowing up the CIA. Apparently, money embezzling is a worthwhile side gig. (Majid Javadi +20)
  • Majid Javadi: "What's your point, Saul? That I've been brought down by a girl?" A badass, Majid. You got brought down by the badass Fara, who has an angry tone, to boot. (Fara +20)
  • Majid Javadi: "So you got me. Are you proud of yourself?" Can he be more of a cartoon baddie with his shirt still covered in blood? (Majid Javadi +15)
  • Guard detail and a compound in Miami, plus his money. Small needs, bro, Majid Javadi. (Majid Javadi +10)
  • Majid Javadi just doesn't want to go back to Iran. He's so full of sads. (Majid Javadi +10)
  • And… Peter Quinn is in the shower… and answers the door with just a towel on… At least Showtime knows the titillation people want. (Peter Quinn +30)
  • Oh no! Peter Quinn is the main suspect to the murder of Javadi's ex-wife. (Peter Quinn +50)
  • Majid Javadi has an uncontrollable nosebleed... what? (Majid Javadi +10)
  • Carrie has a suspiciously timed… not morning sickness? (Carrie +20)
  • Saul: "It's the curse of old men to realize that, in the end, we control nothing." Way to be a downer. (Saul +10)
  • Saul wants to be a hero. "Thanks to you, I stand in the center of things." He's getting all Machiavellian with Majid Javadi. (Saul +40)
  • And Saul's still-wife is definitely sleeping with the good-looking man from dinner. (Saul +20)
  • Fara is handling those sharp scissors, hard. (Fara +20)
  • Dar Adal: "I thought we trusted each other." Way to be a heartbreaker, Saul, and then get caught. (Saul +20)
  • Majid Javadi is still trying to get into Carrie's head. "The abuse you went through… even I've never done something that cruel." (Majid Javadi +50)
  • Who moved the bomb? Brody? Wait, where is Brody? Does he still exist in the Homeland universe? (Brody +50)
  • Police officer in the kitchen w/Quinn: "I'm just trying to understand the shit you people do… you fucking people… Have you ever done anything but make things worse?" Yay for themes! And Quinn's puppy eyes. (Homeland +100, Peter Quinn +20)
  • Locking future CIA head Lockhart into a conference room? "What the fuck" is right! (Saul +200)
  • Quinn is getting all weepy and emo: "All the damage we do." (Peter Quinn +10)
  • "Sure, Carrie. Whatever you need." And then walking into the dark, after she asks him to help prove that Brody wasn't the bomber. Way to be melodramatic. (Peter Quinn +50)
  • And Saul is all like, "Forgive me… I'd forgotten how beautiful you are." And his wife can't tell him she slept with someone else. (Saul +50)

In summary: Peter Quinn moped, Majid Javadi was a baddie who is headed back to Iran, and Saul plotted some more. Since there's nothing quite as melodramatic as the plot these days, our two-time winner is Saul!


Photo: Showtime