$160 Million On Brow Products Were Spent In The Past Year, So Check Out The Best Of The Best To Buy

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OK, so it's no secret that the world is currently in the midst of an eyebrow obsession. But did you know that our on-fleek fixation is costing us serious cash? Yup, in a recent report by WWD and The NPD Group, it was revealed that the world spent over $160 million on brow makeup in the past year, all in the hope of framing our peepers with eyebrows that would make even Cara Delevingne jealous.

From pencils to tinting gels, it seems like anything that Sephora promised us would give our brows the fleekness we craved, we immediately scooped up. According to the study, these millions were a a 32 percent increase in spending on eyebrow-enhancing products from the previous year, putting it above skincare and hair products in our beauty budgets.

Want to make the most of that big brow budget? Try any of these bestselling products.

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